The X-Force Fellowship program is an opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to serve their country by solving real-world national security problems in collaboration with the U.S. military.

The NSIN X-Force Fellowship has two pathways to service - a full-time, paid opportunity and a part-time, unpaid opportunity. Whether one chooses to pursue the full-time, paid, in-person option, or the part-time, unpaid, remote option, there be invaluable work alongside DoD problem sponsors.

The application period for 2021 is now closed.


The X-Force Fellowship program is open to U.S. citizens at the undergraduate and graduate level. Participants possess a diverse set of skills ranging from mobile and web app development, data analysis and visualization, hardware prototyping, social media strategy, and technology scouting. Participants get the opportunity to work on a mission-focused real-world project, participate in a professional development opportunity, work directly with military and national security leaders, and gain perspective as to how their skills and experience can have an outsized impact on national security.


The X-Force program addresses real-world military problems that require technical and entrepreneurial expertise. During the program, military sponsors must supply an Action Officer to engage with their fellows on a weekly basis. For the in-person Fellowship program, hosts expect to provide fellows regular on-base access to facilities and personnel where appropriate and relevant.

By the end of the program, sponsors receive a demonstration of the capability developed by their fellows and are expected to continue development and iteration afterwards.

To submit sponsor problems for consideration, please visit X-Force Fellowship Problem Sourcing 2021 and submit your information by January 15, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates are eligible to apply for the X-Force Fellowship. Top applicants must have demonstrated technical or entrepreneurial experience or expertise. Evidence of past self-directed work is strongly preferred.

Participants must be U.S. citizens.

Who is an ideal candidate for X-Force?

The X-Force program diversifies the national security innovation base by creating a new model of national security service. Minimal experience working with the military is not only acceptable, but preferred! Those applicants with prior military or government work experience will be evaluated and accepted by exception.

Successful applicants should anticipate an expectation of proficiency in both technical and entrepreneurial skills. Strong candidates will have a robust technical skillset, solid project-based work, an entrepreneurial mindset or experience, and demonstrated leadership ability.

What will participants be doing?

X-Force participants will engage with Department of Defense (DoD) partners for three months of applied problem solving. Participants will work on problems sponsored by their DoD hosts potentially including:

  1. Technical (e.g. software development, data analytics, mechanical design/prototyping)
  2. Strategy (e.g. communications and social media strategy)
  3. Research (e.g. emerging technology scouting) projects.

Participants will be expected to deliver a prototype capability to their military sponsors by the end of the program.

Where will the program take place?

The full-time X-Force Fellows will be located on military installations or near their military problem sponsors, within commuting distance for weekly in-person engagement with their sponsors (e.g. a Fellow may be based in Research Triangle Park if collaborating with a sponsor on Fort Bragg).

The part-time X-Force Fellows participants will work remotely and collaborate with their team and military sponsor over Skype, phone, email, and Slack. These fellows are expected to work 5-10 hours per week based on their availability.

When will the program take place?

X-Force runs from early June to mid-August, with specific start and end dates set by the participants and military sponsors. Fellows are expected to work 40 hours per week.

Is this program paid?

The full-time X-Force Fellows will be paid a stipend of around $2,500 per month and have a small budget for travel, materials, and other expenses related to the delivery of a product to their sponsor.

The part-time X-Force Fellows are unpaid.

Who owns the intellectual property?

All intellectual property developed during the X-Force program belongs to the program participants. However, students are highly encouraged to turn their projects over to their sponsors at the end of the program for solution transition.

Important Dates

02 NOV, 2020: X-Force Application portal opens

31 DEC, 2020: X-Force Application deadline

01 FEB, 2021: X-Force Application Extended Deadline

12 MAR, 2021: X-Force 2021 Cohort decision notification

  • Applicant notifications are pending customer evaluations and reviews. We anticipate finalizing all applications and customer assignments in the coming days.

01 JUN, 2021: X-Force 2021 Cohort Kick Off

13 AUG, 2021: X-Force 2021 Cohort Ends/Last Day


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Questions about X-Force?

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