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The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is hiring a Program Manager for our Acceleration Portfolio!

About Your New Role

As a Program Manager within the NSIN Acceleration Portfolio, you will manage one or more programs within NSIN’s Acceleration Portfolio. NSINs Acceleration Portfolio has the exciting and unique task of accelerating the adoption of novel concepts and solutions by the Department of Defense. The Acceleration Portfolio achieves this by facilitating dual-use venture growth and through engagement with DoD end users and transition partners, such as venture accelerators, incubators, NSIN startup events, and funding sources within and outside of the U.S. Government, as well as improving Technology Transfer and Transition (T3) rates for DoD Lab technology through dual-use commercialization via early-stage ventures. In particular this position will require working with commercial accelerators as part of the NSIN Propel program.

Program Managers serve as the principal product owner for all programs and services which are assigned to them by their Portfolio Director. This includes development, planning, resourcing, and execution of all components and phases of program execution and measuring assigned programs (or services) through the development of Key Performance Indicators and/or other measures of efficiency and efficacy. (60%)

Program Managers work directly with the NSIN Regional Team, composed of 10 Regional Directors and 35 University Program Directors, to deliver NSIN acceleration programming across the nation. This includes the management of DoD customers for all assigned programming, working with members of the Regional Team to create bespoke acceleration programming that leverage unique competitive advantages of each region, and actively facilitating feedback to continually improve program design and execution. (30%)

Program Managers work with the NSIN communications Team to collaboratively develop and manage the brand of the NSIN programs and capture the outputs from assigned programming to ensure that the Communications Team can effectively market NSIN’s work to the both internal and external stakeholders and the public. (10%)

To Crush this Role, You’ll Need to Bring:

  • Experience working with dual-use technology and national security policy communities.
  • Working familiarity with Human-Centered Design, Lean and Agile methodologies and other commercial innovation practices. Some combination of professional or educational experience that includes at least two of the following three areas: national security; academia (e.g., teaching or administration); venture community.
  • Familiarity with commercial accelerators (TechStars, Y Combinator, etc.).
  • Broad knowledge of emerging national security needs and associated Science and Technology programs.
  • Broad knowledge of academic research and commercial research and development relevant to emerging DOD capability needs.
  • At least five years of combined program management experience, including resource prioritization and budgeting and developing measures of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • At least two years of combined experience providing analysis, policy, and technology support in the national security and/or intelligence communities.
  • Recent experience in technology projects involving inter-agency, inter-departmental, and international partners.
  • Strong interpersonal communications skills, including oral and written skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Foresight, maturity, and the ability to negotiate amicable solutions to complex problems.
  • Possess at least an earned B.A./B.S. degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education (or international equivalent) in appropriate discipline(s) in the hard or soft sciences. MBA preferred.


This position is a federal contractor position with GS-13 Level Compensation.

How To Apply:

The application period for this position is now closed.

About the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN):

NSIN is a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) organization with the mission to build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems. NSIN does this by building communities of non-traditional defense problem solvers from the academic and venture communities, exposing these communities to national security problems through direct interaction with DoD end users, and supporting the further development and transition of these solutions into the DOD. The principal way in which NSIN achieves its mission is through three mutually supporting portfolios of programs: National Service, Collaboration, and Acceleration. NSIN’s Regional Network Team will be physically located in more than 35 different locations throughout the United States and is responsible for building the new communities of problem-solvers through which NSIN executes its programs.