The NSIN Hirethon program is an opportunity for DoD customers to access technical and entrepreneurial talent.

NSIN Hirethon gives DoD customers access to technical and entrepreneurial talent through in-person hiring events at top-tier universities.


The Hirethon program connects students with propensity to serve and the technical skills the government needs to full-time employment, internships, and scholarship opportunities within DoD. NSIN offers students the opportunity to meet with DoD organizations who are seeking their skill sets for full-time work on some of the DoD’s most compelling technical problems. During the Hirethon, prospective student applicants submit a resume and speak in-person with military representatives. Participants may be interviewed at the event and, in some cases, provided a tentative job offer. At the end of the Hirethon, participants will have access to an online hiring tool to continue pursuing additional DoD opportunities.

Hiring Organizations

To participate in the NSIN Hirethon program, hiring organizations must be actively seeking students or recent graduates for full-time government service positions, internships with conversion opportunities, and/or scholarship-for-service programs. These DoD customers are required to have direct hiring authority as well as open billets that they are looking to fill. It is expected that these customers send both recruiters and hiring managers to the Hirethon event itself, and must be able to execute expedited hiring processes, up to and including on-the-spot tentative offers.

Application / Next Steps

Interested participants and DoD customers can email for more information.