NSIN, in partnership with the Combat Feeding Division (CFD) in Army DEVCOM’s Soldier Center (SC), is running a national search to identify combat feeding R&E technologies to participate in a Pitch Competition.

The top 10-15 applicants will be invited to participate in a virtual pitch event on June 24th 2021, with $100,000 awarded to the top solution, and $25,000 awarded to four other solutions on the pitch day. The Combat Feeding Division is making significant investments in this arena, and looking to support the growth of combat feeding technologies in startups that can support a variety of defense applications.

Benefits of Participating

  • $200,000 in prizes awarded to the top five companies (1-$100,000, 4-$25,000)
  • Exposure to leaders across multiple branches of the DoD responsible for the development and deployment of combat feeding technologies.
  • Exposure to VCs focused on combat feeding technologies
  • Access to potential follow-on opportunities with SC

What Type of Companies are Eligible


  • US-owned and operated
  • Ability to deliver a prototype of the product or technology solution by June 2022

Strongly Encouraged:

  • Early-Stage Venture (i.e.: little to no DoD contracts, equal to or early than Series A)


The Combat Feeding Division has a responsibility to provide military rations and field feeding equipment that decision makers and warfighters need, when they need it most. As a member of the Army’s DEVCOM Soldier Center and the Department of Defense, CFD supports a unique mission set. We are committed to acquiring, developing and maintaining the proper technology, people and processes that will enable overall mission success.

Timeline (subject to change)

  • Week of 03 MAY 2021: Solicitation Release
  • 31 MAY 2021: Solicitation Closes & Downselection Begins
  • 08 JUNE 2021: Downselection Ends & Finalists Announced
  • 11 JUNE 2021: Confirmation Deadline
  • Week of 21 JUNE: Final Rehearsals
  • 24 JUNE 2021: Execution

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